Welcome to FlatDate

Welcome to Flatdate

The right place to find a wonderful flat or an amazing flatmate

we will Help you to find the best flat or an amazing flatmate


Don‘t want to live alone? Find your best flatmate today! Our innovative search engine helps you to find roommates, who share your interests, hobbies and life style.

BEST ADVICE (coming soon)

Our cool contract generator will provide guidelines to help make your future flat-sharing problem free.
Just tick the necessary points and start sharing your flat straightaway!


Search our list of available flat to find your personal favorite in your preferred location. And don't forget to consult our recommended ranking list, tailor made just for you!

How it works...

Enter your personal interests, hobbies and preferences in your profile. Our search engine will find the best suitable flat shares/mates for you personally. Simply make your selection/s and wait to get a match. After you match, contact details are revealed. You can then get in touch with each other and start sharing moments, not just a flat!

FlatDate Share moments not just a flat

about us

Co founder Aleksandr

Aleksandr Kosinov

Co-founder and executive partner. “Bored of living alone? Want to party more? Then find your best FlatDate today!"

Co founder Sebastien

Sébastien Bros de Puechredon

Co-founder and managing partner. “Made by students, to meet students’ needs for cool flats to share”

Co founder Semion

Semion Rozov

Co-founder and technical partner. “I made it, I update it, I fix it. Everything for you to have the best user experience ever”

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